Long before Bernice DeVries became a top-producing
real estate broker at her company Kastell Group in
Newport Beach, she was developing the skills and
the philosophy of customer service that would help make
her one of the most sought-after real estate professionals in
North Orange County.
“I learned early that real estate never stops,” she says.
“And I pride myself on being there for my clients every
step of the way.” In fact, the competitive nature of real
estate is one of the many aspects of the industry that
attracted Bernice. As a former sales associate at Nordstrom,
Bernice was a consummate professional. Attentive, knowledgeable
and able to meet her customers’ needs almost
intuitively, Bernice began breaking sales records immediately.
Her sales acumen didn’t escape the notice of upper
management and she was quickly promoted.
Today, Bernice’s clients – both buyers and sellers – benefit
from her more than 14 years of real estate knowledge
and her dedication to a high-end customer service experience.
She has won 15 national real estate awards for her
success in East Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas.
A full-service real estate expert, Bernice puts her wealth
of knowledge about the area and her stellar negotiating
skill to work for her buyers. For sellers, Bernice utilizes
innovative, cutting –edge marketing techniques as well as
up-to-the minute market analysis. In today’s market, she
knows that maximum exposure and appropriate pricing are
crucial. “Buyers today are used to incorporating a variety of
technology and social media tools into their home search,”
she acknowledges. “It’s important to meet them where they
are.” Toward that end, she’s not afraid to try new marketing
techniques — including video — and maintains a healthy
Web presence for all of her listings.
Along with her flair for the creative, Bernice has access
to experts in staging and home repair to help prepare
her listings – showcasing them in the best light possible.
“Just like in relationships, first impressions are sometimes
everything,” she says. Knowledgeable in all aspects from
first-time homes and short sales to the luxury market,
Bernice provides world-class service with each and every
She only makes it look effortless
With all of the success behind her, it would be easy to
believe that Bernice has earned the opportunity to rest
on her laurels. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Bernice is continually working on ways to improve her
business skills, often working with a coach to help her meet
personal and professional goals. Her perennially optimistic
personality and seemingly endless energy level help her
face the challenges inherent in the industry.Bernice works
hard to make sure her clients’ goals are met with minimal
stress. “This is likely one of the largest single investments
my clients will ever make, so it’s important that they work
with a professional they can count on,” she says. “No two
transactions are alike, just as no two homes are alike.”
Additionally, Bernice has developed relationships with
several of the area’s premier builders serving East Costa
Mesa. As an Orange County native and resident of
Newport Beach, Bernice’s intimate knowledge of the
neighborhoods, schools, recreation opportunities and area
attractions is key to her success in helping her buyers find
just the right home.
In her spare time, Bernice enjoys spending time with
her daughters, ages 8 and 10, exploring all that Southern
California has to offer. “I am truly grateful for the opportunities
that real estate has afforded me,” she says. “Because
I have been able to build a business I’m passionate about
that also allows me a somewhat flexible schedule, I can
spend the time with them while they’re young. It goes so
fast, as any mother can tell you!” She is a frequent presence
at their schools and sporting activities and together the
family loves spending time boating, fishing and swimming.
Bernice is also a tireless advocate for her community, and
supports organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation
and Greenpeace. “We live in a truly beautiful area with a
delicate eco-system, but if we don’t protect our waters and
sea life, we’ll have nothing to pass along to our children
and future generations.”
Professionally, Bernice looks forward to further success
as she continues building her team and her business. “I
wake up every day excited to put my feet on the floor and
make good things happen for my clients and for my company,”
she states. “To me, there is no better way to build
a career”